An Ephiphany!

Hey All!

Happy Monday.....rrrrr.....Survive Monday?

I had a pretty interesting weekend that I want to share. The party I went to was OK. Yeah...just OK. The friends that I hung out with on Saturday night I haven't hung out with in quite a while and well, I now understand why. They are very big party girls who pretty much binge drink and eat crap on a weekly basis. Now, I am a very healthy person, I eat my veggies, drink my smoothies, do Pilate's,run and don't stay up past 10PM every night. I drink MAYBE 2 times a year and ONLY when I had out with these friends. When I hang out with them I guess I'm peer pressured into doing things (like drinking) that I really dislike doing (like drinking). I can't even remember if I had a good time on Well what an interesting weekend that was. Friday night because it has been completely overshadowed by the guilt and self disgust I felt the morning after. After contemplating this for a while on Sunday morning I had kind of an epiphany.... if I don't like doing something, then I shouldn't do it!

I know it's just total common sense but it hit me like ton of bricks. If something I'm doing isn't making me happy or grow either spiritually, emotionally, physically or intellectually then I'm not doing to do it! Haha, I even made a list of things that DO make me happy and things that DON'T.

  • eating a whole foods,plant based diet with little to no processing
  • running
  • practicing yoga and Pilate's
  • walking
  • spending time with my mom
  • reading the Word
  • journaling
  • going to bed early and waking up early
  • smiling and laughing
  • learning about health and nutrition
  • surrounding myself with positive and supportive people

  • drinking
  • eating crap
  • obsessing about my weight
  • not getting enough sleep
  • self hatred
  • stress
  • doubt
  • being around people who will influence me in a negative way

It felt so good to get that all out. I feel like my path has been made straighter and my true friends, hope, dreams and goals have been made more apparent.

So I guess you could say the party was great!

How do you guys feel about drinking and going out?

On another note....
I entered my first blogger contest. It's for Mix My Granola by Missy Maintains.

LOVE this girl, love her blog and I hope I win the granola, it looks so yummers!