Stalker to Blogger

Well, this is my third attempt at starting a blog and hopefully I can keep going with it for more than 3 posts! I've been an avid blog stalker for many many months and want to join in on all the fun and make some friends with all you awesome bloggers. I also as well as share my story about my struggles with disordered eating, life outside the strange and crazy "ballet" world and discovering who I am with out ballet.
I suffered a pretty sever ankle injury and have been struggling with the idea of having to give up my dream for quite sometime. Recently I've made the decision to go to college and get my degree in Human Nutrition. I hope to become a Registered Dietitian and work with athletes and ballet dancers as well as those suffering from eating disorders. I'm SUPER excited about college but I'm also ABSOLUTELY terrified. I'm sad because I can't really dance anymore and also kind of lost, trying to find out who I am with out ballet.
I guess this will be a kind of journal of my eats, exercise and thoughts in general. I'm a vegan and very passionate about healthful eating but also struggling with changing my mindset about food. The ballet world teaches you that food is the "enemy" and that any exercise other than ballet will "bulk" you up. Now that I've been able to take some time off and do some major thinking, I've realized how crazy some of these ideas are and am trying to "de-grain" them from my brain!
I'm looking foeward to meeting you all and making the transition from stalker to blogger!