A little bit of everthing

Since this is my first real post I thought I'd kinda give a little taste of what I do on a normal day. I woke up and headed straight to the kitchen (I currently live with my parents in the same house I've lived in for 18 of my 20 years of life) for some b-fast. Today I had my usual, apple with nut butter and a soy milk latte with 1/2 c. Original light Vita Soy. I love how creamy vitasoy is and it steams up so nicely for lattes or cappuccinos. I need to introduce you to my love...her name is Sylvia and she is our espresso machine. She is married to Rocky, the coffee bean grinder. It's kind of a love triangle thing. Me, Rocky and Sylvia.

As you can probably tell, I love coffee. I've tried SO hard to like tea, really, really tried to like it. I do like chai tea (not the gross syrupy kind, the loose tea) and on occasion earl grey but that's about it. I would LOVE to LOVE green tea but I really don't think that is gonna happen anytime soon! For now, I'll stick with my Joe.

After breakfast I got to work on my biology assignment, yay reproductive system! Haha. I've been out of high school for 3 years now trying to make a career in ballet so I'm still a little rusty in that department. I'm taking this biology course online just to get my head back in the game before I go off to college next year. I'm pleased at how well I'm doing in this course. I guess I did OK in high school, I got good enough grades to get in to colleges but that's not what I wanted to do. My mind was always in the ballet studio so I never really did as well as I could have. I always thought I was stupid and wouldn't really need good grades cause I was gonna be a ballet dancer! HA! Well, now that I have all this time to focus on school I'm doing so well. My average is in the high 90%, so I'm super stoked.

After working on school for a while I decided to go for a run. Now I am a very new runner but I'm already addicted! I love the endorphin rush, I can tell what people mean by a "runners high", it's an awesome feeling. When I was in training for ballet we were never allowed to run because God forbid your quads would grow to the size of tree trunks and you would look like a body builder! Haha, I think back and realise how crazy some of the stuff our teachers told us and we believed. I mean look at long distance runners, really? They are TINY! But that's just one example of how ballet is in a world of it's own. I really like running and my mom and I are signing up for a 10K in June! The race is called Footsock and it's a big weekend of racing in the small town I live in (Cochrane, Alberta for all you Canadians out there!). Well today I ran for the longest I have....well I think EVER! I did 6.28km and was so proud of myself when I finished!

I got back home, did some abdominal work and stretches and ate some lunch. Lunch today was Mexican style salad. 1/2 head Romaine, tiny bit of onion, 4 black olives, 1/2 c. vegetarian refried beans and 1/4 c. salsa. YUM!

After lunch I did one of my favourite activities.... I baked! My boss at work is always commenting on how good my dinners look and I think is intrigued by my vegan diet so I decided to make him a vegan feast for Friday! I'm so excited. I'm thinking of making him a kind of rice,chickpea, spinach, tomato risotto (making it tomorrow) along with some Mediterranean Olive bread from the Joy of Vegan Baking and these bad boys for dessert:
Red/Brown Velveteen cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World! They kinda aren't red cause I didn't have any red food coloring so I'm calling them Brown Velvet cupcakes! I LOVE this book. I've tried 3 out of the many recipes inside and they have all turned out perfect! So far I've made the Mint Chocolate, Brooklyn vs. Boston Cream Pie cakes and these Red Velveteen cupcakes. All...so.....good. I haven't tried these yet but I did lick all of the utensils before putting them in the dishwasher so I got a pretty good idea of what they will taste like :)
I love cooking and baking for people. I'm so excited for tomorrow! I hope he like it!

After the baking was complete and the kitchen was relatively clean my mom and I took our puppy for a walk. It is finally getting nice here. The past week has been horrible with highs of about -20*C everyday. Today was above ZERO and it felt like summer. I was ready to break out the shorts (well not really but almost!). After we got home I have another latte with 1/2 c. of soy and 2 rice cakes with 2 T. of Almond butter. Sadly they flew off the plate and landed on the floor. They landed face up so I still ate em'! They are just a little broken apart that's all.

I have to admit, I like almond butter as much as the next girl but, I do miss my peanut butter. I have give both my vices up for lent (peanut butter and dun...dun...dun.... FACEBOOK!) and am really missing both righ now! Haha. I mean I haven't talked to anyone is over 2 weeks! I feel so cut off from the world! It's not like I can't use e-mail or the phone, but facebook. It's a struggle but I guess that's what lent is about. Giving up facebook gives me more time talking to God (partially because I can't talk to anyone else! Haha just kidding!) and that's a good thing.

Not sure what dinner I'll be. I'm off to my church R.C.I.A meeting at 7:30 and then off to bed. Sorry this post was so long! Haha hope you made it through the whole thing.