The ugly, the good and the audition of a life time!

Hi guys!

I have been the worst blogger in the world lately. Sorry about my lack of posting but I've been going through a rough spot.

The ugly:

I've always had problems with my relationship with food, it's like a constant cycle of starve, binge, binge, starve, eat healthy for a day, binge, binge, starve... I'm so sick of it. I've ordered a book that I'm hoping will help, it's called Intuitive Eating, and I think I've seen some other bloggers reading it and finding it very helpful if their quest to a healthy relationship with food. I guess I was just too ashamed to post anything about healthy products or eating because if I can't even get my own eating under control, how am I supposed to help others? Anyways it's been a rough week but the past day and a half I've started to think more clearly and set some goals for myself.

Anyways..... no more ranting! Time for some good:

  1. I helped out in my mom's classroom the past two days and I am EXHAUSTED! Holy CRAP kids have way too much energy. These kids are ages 3 to 5 or 6. I don't understand how my mom does it everyday. I give her mad props.
  2. I got a couple of packages in the mail! One is from Popchips! and the other from Clif. It seems like everyone in the blogging world is eating popchips so I wanted to get in on the action. I discovered that only the original, salt and pepper and salt and vinegar are vegan, so my brother will be happy to know that he gets the other flavors! Also I got an amazing assortment from Clif filled with both Clif and Luna bars. On my binging rampage I ate 2 of the Clif bars so I'm a little tentative to eat and review them right now. I'll have to wait a little while before I risk eating them again, so be patient!


On my run yesterday (where I do some of my best thinking) I decided that I wanted to audition for.....

So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

Gahhhh I am so nervous but totally excited! The audition is on Tuesday April 7 in a city about 3 hours away. I decided that I'm just gonna do it and see what happens. I haven't been dancing regularly for about a month and a half/two months but I miss it so much. Just because I can't do pointe work anymore doesn't mean I have to just STOP dancing all together. It is such a huge part of who I am, I can't just give up a dream I've had since.... oh I don't know..... birth?

I think I'm going to do a ballet variation for my audition solo (if I even get that far!). If anyone is familiar with ballet, I'm thinking about doing the Gamzatti variation for La Bayadere. Not en point but I don't think the judges will really mind. Here is a video of someone else doing a slightly different version of the piece I'm going to do:

I'll try and get a video of me dancing and MAYBE post it here!

GAHHHH! Now I have to figure out what I'm going to wear, how I should do my hair, how I'm going to get up to Edmonton (the city where the audition is), how I'm going to get back in shape, oh Lord and it's only two weeks away!

Has anyone ever auditioned for your country's version of SYTYCD? Have any advice?