Hey All!

First I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. Who knew this crazy blogging world could be filled with such amazing people always willing to lend a hand. You have no idea what your words of love and support meant to me.

Anyways.... enough mushy stuff, time to get down to business!

I was looking forward to a nice long run this Sunday morning but as I woke up and looked outside I saw THIS:

While I do have pretty thick skin for running in the elements, this was just way too much. I mean COME ON! It's supposed to be almost April all ready, where is the sun?

So instead of running outside I decided to do my own work out inside. My mom and brother went to the gym while I stayed home and worked out in our basement. I like working out down there a heck of a lot more than going to the gym because I can workout and sweat like a mad woman and not have to worry about other people looking at me.

I did 40 min on my little crappy Elliptical on level 6. I did 1 min HARD CORE as hard as I could and then did an easy 1 min recovery. It kick my butt but felt so good!

Then did some weight exercises for arms and back as well as my full body Pilates routine that I have been doing practically everyday for the past 5 years of my life. As a ballet dancer before class everyone has a set routine that they do in order to warm themselves up and prepare for class. Most of us do quite a lot of abdominal and hip exercises. Even now that I'm not dancing as much, I still feel like if I don't do these exercises everyday..... I don't know....the earth will crumble underneath me? Wow I just realized how crazy I must sound. Anyways here is my ab routine for anyone who's interested:

  • 20 regular sit ups
  • Pilates hundred exercise
  • 10 slow oblique "bicycle"
  • 20 fast oblique "bicycle"
  • 10 single leg stretch
  • 10 scissor
  • 20 lower ab butt lifts
  • 10 shoulder bridge
  • 10 (each side) clam hip exercise, lower leg lift, whole leg lift
  • 40 (each side) inner thigh exercises
  • finish with a butt load of stretching
Man it seems like a lot but I'm so used to doing it I could probably do it in my sleep. Does anyone have any good exercises they do that can help me switch up my routine a little?


I had my first experience with raw "baking" last night and wanted to share with you the results. I'm super happy with how they turned out! This recipe was inspired by the Fitnessista with her amazing macaroon creations. Seeing as I do not have any luck winning contests I decided to make my own variation of a raw macaroon!

Banana Coconut Macaroons

What I used:
  • 3 c. shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 1 c. soaked dates
  • 3 T. Agavae nectar (or any liquid sweetener)
  • 1 T. Almond oil
  • 3 T. Almond butter
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 T. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1 T. Vanilla extract
Put it all in the food processor, shaped it into flat cookie shapes and then put it in the dehydrator overnight.

I'm super happy with how they turned out. The outside hardened up nicely so when you take a bite it is super moist and chewy! I think I left them in the dehydrator for about 12 hours. The house smelled SO YUMMY while they were "baking". This raw foods thing is kinda cool, I think I'm doing to do some more research about it and see what recipes I can find.

Action shot of Macaroon going into my mouth!

Have a great and relaxing Sunday. I'm going into the ballet studio tomorrow so hopefully my next post will consist of a video!