Ouch Charlie!

Hello lovelies!

Hope your Tuesday was great. This week seems to be going kinda slow but I can't believe tomorrow is APRIL 1! What?!

So as you know, I went in the studio and practiced my audition piece. HOLY CRAP I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE! I mean, I've been running and doing my stretches and Pilates exercises but ballet is so different from that. I could barely get through the piece. Thus there is no video because I looked like crap :) I'm going in again tomorrow so well see if I'm able to make it through the whole piece and get a video of it! It's kinda sad because the piece is only about a minute and a half but it is pretty hard core jumping. I hope I can get a good video of it.

Anyways, yesterday I got an amazing care package from the amazing Jennifer at Udi's Granola! Just look at it!

I think there may be about 40 little 1 oz bags of all their awesome granola. I love the little 1 oz bags, a perfect serving for a top my oatmeal, or cereal, or non-dairy yogurt, or with my nut butter and fruit or just plain in my mouth! There a big chunks of dried fruit and WHOLE NUTS in these wee little baggies. Yum!

Here's some info from the website:

Udi's Granola - Food made with joy is a joy to eat.

Made with patience and passion, Udi’s Artisan Granola starts with pure, wholesome ingredients—the best nature has to offer. We then measure and mix in small batches, and toast and turn by hand. All told, this takes hours to do, but our reverent obsession with edible perfection pays off in a granola deep with crunch, caramelized goodness, and true, uncluttered flavors. So good, you just might want to stop what you’re doing for a minute or two and give it your undivided attention. (Come on. What’s so important it can’t wait a minute or two?)

Slow down. Eat up. Be Udiful.

I love that, "Be Udiful", too cute ! All the flavors look so tasty too. My parents have been snitching the packages and both said the granola tastes great.

Now I need to stretch my sore muscles and prepare for another day of kicking my own but back into shape. I'm feeling very self conscious lately because of all this preparation for the audition. I've been focusing on my body and weight in over drive. I just don't want my negative thoughts to affect my dancing and how I perform.

I'm worried also about what to wear to the audition. Tomorrow I'm gonna need some help deciding! I'll post my video (hopefully) and the attire choices. I would love some input :)