Hey guys!

Happy hump day/April fools day :) Hope you didn't get any pranks pulled on ya ;)

Here is the video I took this morning at ballet. NOW just remember that I m very out of shape and on Monday couldn't get though the entire number so please.... be kind? Haha oh yeah and the voice in the back ground is my friend D, he was filming me!

I'm feeling better about the upcoming audition (April 7) and am so grateful for all the well wishes.

After I was finished practicing I had some time before my dad picked me up. I did what any foodie would do.... go grocery shopping! The natural foods store is super close to the ballet school so I hung out there for a while. Here's what I picked up:

  • Earth Balance
  • Quinoa flakes (almost 5 g of protein in each serving!)
  • Natural Acne gel (I have really bad skin, hopefully something all natural will help more than the chemically stuff I've been using that just makes me break out more)
  • Veg News
  • Vegetarian Times
  • Impact Magazine
  • Alive Magazine
  • Jocolate bar (chocolate coffee)
  • 2 Lara Bars (coconut and apple)
  • 2 Raw Organics Bars (coconut and chocolate)
  • PB AND CO CINNAMON RAISIN PEANUT BUTTER! WHAT?! I was so excited to see this in the store I was dancing in the aisle! So amazing! I don't have to bring back suit cases full of this stuff every time I go down to the states! Sadly, I have to wait until lent is over to actually consume it but still! YAY!
My bar stash is growing at an alarming rate, I just can't help myself....especially when they are on sale!

Bar stash of amazingness!

May your lives be happy and healthy :)


******WARNING - I was reading the ingredients on the Udi's Granola and a lot of it has egg whites and honey in it. NOT VEGAN. I guess my dad will be enjoying more that I had hoped. I think the Muesli flavor is Vegan but just a warning about the others. Sorry about that!*********