I have found purpose!

Hey all!

I'm so excited to be back! First of all I just wanted to let you know how much your support means to me. I was going through a rough patch and well.... now I'm back and much more positive! I think that when I started this blog I didn't really have a purpose, it was totally all over the place with random posts about random things. After more than a month away, I think it now has a purpose!

If you read some of my earlier posts I have struggled with binge eating/over eating for quite a while. I restrict for a while and then give in, eat my self silly, hate myself for being so out of control, and repeat. I know it is a such a destructive and messed up cycle and I am sick of it! Now with this blog I KNOW that I can over come it. Now on to my new blog purpose....

Sarah's 100 Day Binge Free Challenge!

100 days is a long time. I'm starting today (June 1) and it will be over on September 8. I'm going to challenge myself to overcome my emotional eating and finally learn to eat like a "normal" person. I'm starting college in the fall and think that 100 days is a great amount of time to learn new habits, break old ones and become a healthier person.

I'm going to be following a few guidelines to help me along the way as well as getting inspiration from a great book called "100 days of weight loss". While this challenge is more about healthier habits than weight loss I hope to shed a few pounds along the way! Here are the guidelines I have set for myself:

1. For 100 day's I will not binge.

2. Eat intuitively. Eating when I am hungry and stopping when SATISFIED. This is going to be very hard for me because I am the freaking treasurer of the Clean Your Plate Club! Eating what I really when I want as to not eat the entire carton or box on Saturday night!

3. Drink plenty of water and limit diet soda (I'm trying to get off artificial sweeteners because they are bloating and make me feel icky)

4. Exercise daily. Duh...

5. Use my journal/blog to express my emotions rather than shutting them up and eating them away. Use the daily inspiration/movtiation from my book to keep me on the right path. Indentify my binge triggers and come out of this experience with a healither attitude towards food!

Yay! I'm so ecited for this challenge. I know it's going to be very hard. I'm used to binging at least once a week but I think that having this blog will really keep me accountable and on track. Hopefully I will come out of this expierence with a healthier attitude towards eating and maybe inspire a few readers along the way!

I'll see you all tonight for the recap of my first day!